Cremation Urn Size Calculator®

Discover the Ideal Urn Size with Our Innovative Tool Accurately determine the right urn size based on personalized factors such as Body Mass Index (BMI), age, and Bone Mass Density (BMD).

When someone you love passes away, it's important to choose the right cremation urn to commemorate their life. But with so many different types and sizes of urns available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where the Cremation Ash Urn Calculator™ comes in.

This urn size calculator is a revolutionary new tool designed to provide a more personalized and accurate estimate of the volume of ashes that will result from a loved one's cremation. Developed by Susan Fraser, founder of In The Light Urns, this calculator goes beyond the standard "rule of thumb" method and takes into account key factors like gender, height, healthy weight, age, and bone size.


The Cremation Ash Urn Calculator™:


How It Works:

Using the Cremation Ash Urn Calculator™ is straightforward:

  • Select your measurement system: Imperial or Metric 
    It already defaults on U.S. Measurement
  • Choose the gender: Male or Female
    Drop Down
  • Enter the height in feet/cm
    Provide a healthy weight in lbs/kg.
  • Specify the age in years

Indicate the bone size: Small, Medium, or Large.


The size of an individual's body frame, also referred to as their bone structure, greatly affects parameters like the Body Mass Index (BMI) and subsequently, the volume of ashes post cremation. Body frames are typically classified into three categories: small, medium, and large. The Cremation Ash Urn Calculator™ uses this categorization to give a closer estimate of the appropriate urn size to best commemorate the deceased.


The key benefit this calculator provides is a more accurate estimate to select the right-sized cremation urn based on the individual. Having an urn that properly fits the ashes is important for families to honor their loved ones. This calculator simplifies the process and removes the guesswork involved. No more needing to weigh the ashes after cremation to determine urn size.

How it works

There are two methods for determining your bone structure using wrist measurements: a quick assessment method and a precise measurement method.

Quick assessment method

To use the quick assessment method, simply encircle your wrist using your other hand's thumb and index finger.

  • If your thumb and index finger overlap, you have a small frame.
  • If your thumb and index finger meet, you have a medium frame.
  • If your thumb and index finger don't meet, you have a large frame.

Precise measurement method

To use the precise measurement method, you will need a flexible tape measure.

  1. Wrap the tape measure around your wrist, making sure it is snug but not too tight.
  2. Note down the exact measurement.

Once you have your wrist measurement, you can use the following chart to determine your bone structure:

Frame Wrist size (men) Wrist size (women)
Small 5.5" - 6.5" Under 5.5" (if height is below 5'2")
Medium 6.5" - 7.5" 5.5" - 6" (if height is between 5'2" and 5'7")
Large Over 7.5" 6" - 6.25" (if height is between 5'2" and 5'7")

By using this methodical approach, the Cremation Ash Urn Calculator™ can provide a more exact recommendation on the urn size needed, ensuring a dignified remembrance for your loved one.

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