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At In The Light Urns, we understand the importance of honoring and remembering a loved one. That's why we specialize in creating custom cremation urns that are not only beautiful but also personal and meaningful. With over 20 years of experience, we have helped thousands of families create a lasting tribute to their loved ones. Whether you want to engrave an urn with a special message or create a unique keepsake, we're here to help. Browse our selection of custom urns below and contact us to create a truly one-of-a-kind memorial for your loved one.

Does it cost more for a Custom Urn?  No!

We consider all our urns custom because engraving and personal contact with our customers allow us to ENGRAVE URNS QUICKLY. We also do custom engraving at NO EXTRA CHARGE for many of our urns. Just tell us what you would like and we will do our best to create the perfect custom urn, keepsake, or memorial card for your loved one. The Cremation Urns below are all customized urns in one way or another. We create these in-house and have been offering CUSTOM URNS for thousands of families for 16 years. Quality and beautiful memorials at affordable prices, is what we continue to offer at In The Light Urns.

Do you have a custom urn idea?

Here are some urn requests that we have had at In The Light Urns

We have made thousands of customs urns for people, and over the past 16 years that In The Light Urns has been creating detailed urns to suit their loved one's personalities. Above are some urns that we offer every day. But we can make anything you like, just ask. We also offer all possible engraving in this industry, and have been able to offer the best engraving available on wood, marble, brass, and paper, plus brass and pewter plates of any kind and personalized jewelry Urns for our customers.

Keep The Memory™ Custom Urn Request:

We offer over 300 bright strikingly beautiful images. We can add your loved one's image to the urn as well as full imprinted name, dates and other. We have made the urn image from a customer's photo. To super customize this urn we have added side images and a top and back image too. These urns are created by our in house artist, who emails you proof for approval fast. Once approved we print and ship. They are beautiful and each customer seems to email our artist, to say how much better it looks in person! Here are some urns as a result of the custom work we did with her images. We promise to make you a beautiful full-color imprint for your Keep The Memory™ Urn.

  • Football Cremation Urn & Hover Helmet Décor

    Custom Football Urns Requests:

    We often get requests for football urns, from the little league team on up. And we try to make a special urn for the family who lost that local team player or fan. These Football Cremation urns offer a beautifully engraved satin black urn with butting football helmet heads. The new Hover Helmet is sold separately and is not an urn and does not hold ashes. This Helmet seems to be free floating and will rotate eternally in memorial of your loved one. A clear acrylic case protects the Hover Helmet. The set can be placed on top of the Football Cremation Urn, or anywhere that is appropriate as a memorial for your loved one. A popular sport cremation urn is the wood urn shown. This patented design by Hover Helmet, starts with the latest licensed artwork in a 1/2 scale replica helmet. Now offering all Collegiate teams and all the NFL Teams.

    Football Cremation Urns

  • Custom Urn made from a Customer's Image

    Astronaut Keep The Memory™ Custom Urn Request:

    Theron N. Tallmadge was an early NASA test pilot and astronaut, whose family wanted a picture of him at work doing what he enjoyed. Our art department cleaned up this old image of Astronaut Tallmadge to place on The Moon Cremation Urn. A fitting tribute to a great and brave American Hero.

    Theron N. Tallmadge Astronaut Urn

  • Baseball or Softball Mitt Cremation Urn

    Yogi Berra Baseball Urn Request:

    Lawrence Yogi Berra, a Navy Veteran and famous baseball player passed away a couple years ago. His son and family purchased our Baseball or Softball Mitt Cremation Urn. The family choose to not add a baseball, which we thought defined the "lost player" memorial, or as they had engraved on his plate "It's Over!". We were proud to have been chosen to make this urn for Mr. Berra and since our founder is from New Jersey, Yogi Berra's home state, this was additionally special to us.

    Baseball or Softball Mitt Cremation Urn

  • Battlecross Memorial & Ash Pendant Urns

    Battlecross Memorial Request:

    The Battlecross Steel Cremation Urn Pendant is a genuine replica of a fallen Navy Soldier. This pendant was created from a 3D model memorial that In The Light Urns created and bronzed, by request for a fallen EOD Naval Officer. The original Battlecross was from the hero's helmet, gun and boots and is now located at Coronado Naval Base in San Diego, as a waterside bronze memorial. A true memorial for those who served, and made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Battlecross Memorial & Ash Pendant Urns

  • Braille Custom Urns

    World's First Braille Cremation Urns:

    We are now able to offer almost any In The Light Urn or keepsake in Braille. We are pleased to offer this wonderful way for those without sight or diminishing sight to read their loved ones name, dates and sentiments. The raised letter process can be created on almost any adult urn or keepsake made of brass or metal, marble, name plates, wood or full color Keep The Memory™ Urn. Here are just a few that you can buy on-line today.

    Braille Custom Urns

  • Truck & Trailer Urns

    Truck & Trailer Urns

    We have them back! 12 styles of original cabs, with a wood urn trailer made in the USA. These trailers can be personalized in any way you like. We can put your company logo plus a fitting memorial for the trucker in your life. These Truck and Trailers move and the doors open and close, a super high-way to remember your loved one.

    Truck & Trailer Urns

  • Family Urns

    Family Urns ~ Custom Urn Request:

    After having requests for large urns for a couple, a parent and a child, sometimes even a faithful dog, we created family Urns. We now offer vases style urns and wood urns. We have 6 urns from our exclusive Memorial Couple Urn© Series that are 640 cubic inches. These are the largest modern brass urns available. Plus the Dynasty Walnut and Cherry Urns are Family Urns as well.

    Family Urns

  • Toolbox Cremation Urns

    Custom Toolbox Urn Request:

    What makes these cremation urns special? Unique and custom tool box urns are one-of-a-kind and personalized. We have created an urn that appeals to those that have worked with tools as a mechanic on cars, home repair, plumbing, electrical, or just that great all around handy man or woman! We can paint the urn any color you like red, green, silver pink or purple. And with the plate that offers a personal touch, these adult full sized urn and keepsakes are well suited to folks who used tools, who drive trucks or who raced cars. We can make it personal, just let us know what you would like.

    Toolbox Cremation Urns

  • Pizza Box Cremation Urn

    Pizza Box Cremation Urn ~ Honored by Ripley's Believe it or Not!

    Last year Ripley's Believe It or Not! honored In The Light Urns with a our winning: Pizza Box Cremation Urn. You can see us on page 213, which reads: REST IN PIZZA "When a loved one bites the crust, may they rest in pizza. In The Light Urns, from Three Rivers, California, provides one of the most creative urns on the market - a pizza box!" We used Mr. Ripley's full name and actual dates for our sample Pizza Box Cremation Urn. Give us your idea and let's see what we can make together.

    Pizza Box Cremation Urn

  • Bucky's Keep The Memory™ Custom Urn Request:

    Bucky Moore - A customer who is very much alive, had a very long, proud career as a Railroad man based in Kansas City. Bucky asked us to make a Keep The Memory™; Urn with several images of himself through his career. Here is what we made for him, he was so happy, he bought 2 more and added . . . "You guys are the best!". . . See our matching keychain keepsakes, too.

    Bucky Moore's Railroad Man Urn

  • Forever Music Urn© Series

    We Have Had Lots of Music Urn Requests:

    Music - An essential part of life! Because of this, we have had lots of requests for instrument, speaker, radio, drum stick urns and more. Here are some of the most popular urns: Electric Guitars, Violins, Piano and our Crosley Old Time Cathedral Radio Urn. These urns reach all generations and music types; Rock 'n Roll, Classical, Country, Jazz and more. What makes these cremation urns so special? People with a music passion can be remembered with an urn that reflected what they loved, a unique and custom-made music urn. The line is called Forever Music Urn© Series, and we can make it personal, just let us know what you would like.

  • Bottle Keepsake Urns

    Custom Soda or Beer Bottle Urn Request:

    Many popular custom cremation urns are made of wood. These wood urns are affordable and are personalized at a reasonable price. The Beer & Soda Bottle Urns are very popular. We made this Diet-Cola Bottle Urn for a family whose mom loved Diet Cola. We shipped the urn to them by Christmas, so they could give it to their Grandmother. The family was glad that she had a cheerful memorial for her Cola loving daughter. We also make Soda or Beer Can Urns and have found that people really like the shape, personalization, and inexpensive price tag. The custom can urn shown with a Budweiser label, is at the top of this page.

    Bottle Keepsake Urns


  • Super Hero Custom Urns

    Super Hero Custom Urns

    Custom Super Hero Urns, what can be more positive! We can customize your urn in any shape or size to make exactly what you would like. Fast urn around, as we have the best wood craftsmen close to our California location. At In The Light Urns we make personalized custom cremation urns every day, just like these, at reasonable prices. Give us your idea and let's see what we can make together.

  • 3D Printed Formula One Topper Urn

    3D Printed Formula One Topper Urn Request:

    Cars, racing and even motorcycle fans, drivers and enthusiasts can have a custom cremation urn to reflect this exciting part of their lives. Many popular custom cremation urns are made of wood. These wood urns are affordable and are personalized at a reasonable price. The 3D Printed Formula One Topper has a burn-out pad and is this families one of a kind urn for their driver and fan! Let us know what you would like, and we can make it!

  • 3D Printed Forest Castle Urn

    3D Printed Forest Castle Urn Request:

    We recently printed this Forest Castle Urn for a Little Princess whose Mom was thrilled to have just what she wanted for her daughter. Our in-house 3D team will make the 3D file and print the urn. Our Detail Department will customize the urn with the air brush colors of your choice. Each 3D custom printed cremation urn allows you to make any urn you can think of, in any shape or size, and it's a one of a kind. A very Special Memorial Urn. Give us your idea and let's see what we can make together.

  • Infant & Baby Cremation Urns

    Little Angel Infant & Baby Urn Requests:

    Little Angles that pass on the day of birth seem so much more common that one would ever think. And nothing is harder than loosing a baby or a child. To be honest we did not offer these urns for years, but found that there was a need and so we offer a line that is sweet soft and different. From the little angel winged toppers, to urns that have an picture of the child, to our Little Mermaid Cremation urn, we offer a wide variety. Some of these urns have been requested, and we can make whatever you would like for your baby or child. Just give us a call.

    Infant & Baby Cremation Urns

  • Teddy Bear Keepsake Urns

    Teddy Bear Keepsake Urns:

    Our Teddy Bear Urns have a secure place for ashes or a lock of hair, in a velvet bag that we include with each Teddy Bear Keepsake Urn. These keepsakes give a child something to hold when they lose a parent or grandparent, and also for an adult to hold when they lose a child or spouse. We have the largest variety available of Teddy Bear of all sizes and colors, at affordable prices. They are soft, plush and an offer sweet face to help with the loss of a special loved one.

    Teddy Bear Keepsake Urns

  • 3D Printed Bust Cremation Urns

    3D Printed Bust Cremation Urn:

    A Bust Cremation Urn allows you and your family to have a life-size bust of your loved one. Here at In The Light Urns at our California location, we create the three-dimensional file, we print in-house with the best technology and equipment. For the finishing of the urn you have three choices, a Nature White Finish, a Full Color Air Brush Finish or a Bronze Finish. A secure threaded bottom closure allows for holding all the ashes of your loved one. The Bust Cremation Urn is the most impressive way to show your love.

    3D Printed Bust Cremation Urns

  • Signature Cremation Urn

    Signature Cremation Urn Request:

    The Signature urn is a great way to keep thoughts and memories of your loved one close. We will engrave the entire urn with wishes and love from your friends and family. This makes the Signature Urn a special urn to keep forever that moment in time, that was a CELEBRATION OF LIFE for your loved one.

    Signature Cremation Urn


  • Peaceful Pillow® Urn

    Peaceful Pillow® Urn

    The Peaceful Pillow® Urn is a bio water burial or earth burial urn, and is 100% biodegradable. Each urn can be personalized with a name, dates and more. These urns are placed on the water at sea, on lakes or wide rivers. Shown is our Fern Peaceful Pillow, with real leaves. We have several styles with seeds, petals and leaves, as well as all branches of military service. The Peaceful Pillow® Urn is also TSA approved. Included is a tote bag, so you can easily travel to any destination worldwide to have your Celebration of Life. Watch our video to get an idea of just how beautiful a Peaceful Pillow® Urn ceremony can be. Don't forget the petals!

    Peaceful Pillow® Urns

  • Hourglass Keepsake Urn

    Hourglass Keepsake Urns with Custom Engraving

    Our Lifetime Hourglass Urns were shown on the Today Show, people really like the heirloom quality of this keepsake. We have had many wonderful comments and customers so pleased to get one for their loved one. This urn has been requested more than once from a person who was passing and wanted their closest family member to have this remembrance of them.

    Hourglass Keepsake Urns

An Awesome Custom Urn Review:

"When I walked into the room the day of my parents Memorial Service I was absolutely speechless. When I viewed their urn up close the writing was dominant and the picture faint. When I saw it from a distance the picture looked like it was glowing and my parents were right there with us. I could not of asked for anything to be so unbelievable. It was just perfect!"

Lots of Recent Custom Urn Requests:

We have had other requests like: "We are looking for an urn for my Grandfather that would have an old steam train on top, can you make an urn like that?"

"Can you make an ashtray urn, we are all smokers and would love to each have one."

"My mother loved clowns, can you make an urn in the shape of a clown."

"We want an urn in the shape of a China Takeout Box, with Made in China on the bottom, can you do that? My Mom would be so happy if she could see this before she passes."

How Do I Start?

What is important in creating the right size custom urn, is to have the height and weight of the person or get the area of cubic inches of cremains. The price range is important too, we make 3D at a much higher price, due to the technology and time it takes to make them. But we can create a wood printed, laser engraved or sublimated urn for much less time and money. We work toward our custom urns to be long-lasting, and offer a beautiful presentation. We hope our urns help in the grieving and healing process of losing your loved one. We do believe that the creation of a one-of-a-kind custom urn lightens the pain of your loss. For more information about custom urns or any type of photo urns, please contact our knowledgeable staff directly at (800) 757-3488.

More About In The Light Urns

People who have enjoyed sports such as football cremation urns, baseball, hockey, soccer, or golf can get an urn to reflect the sports they enjoyed. We have originally manufactured many of the urns that you will see on-line today. Such as the bullet and shotgun shell pendants for those who served their country, those in law enforcement or enjoyed hunting and shooting, have had their family and friends remember them with these keepsakes. The Rosary keepsake, as well as the Teddy Bears Urns, were unusual and custom then, are beautiful staple urns now!

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