Dog and Cat Cremation Urns

cat urns Dog and Cat Cremation Urnsdog urns Dog and Cat Cremation UrnsThe loss of a beloved pet is a devastating event. No matter the breed or species, our animal companions are priceless gifts, giving love unconditionally for nothing in return but the same. Because most pets, like cats and dogs, are lifelong companions, there through thick and thin, the gripping loss can be hard to bear.

At Pets to Rest we offer a broad, personalized collection of products to best memorialize the unique creature your pets was. From tiny keepsakes in wood, ceramic, and glass, to unique, artful urns and biodegradable caskets, Pets to Rest has the perfect memorial piece for your treasured friend.

Because cats and dogs are prevalent companions, prized for their wit and compassion, Pets to Rest has special cremation urn collections just for them. Some of our unique dog urns include the Fire Hydrant and Tennis Ball urns. Our variety of cat urns is broad, including the Yarn Ball and Faithful Friend urns. Designed to celebrate the joy that pets bring into our lives, the urns at Pets to Rest are available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

Our engraving services are free with your purchase. Many of our products can be engraved with a pet’s image, or name and epitaph. We also offer a selection of name plates that can be engraved and added to almost any piece. Our goal is to provide the widest selection possible to accommodate each unique pet. A new line of tile and wood pet cremation urns has just been added, with new products constantly being sought out.

Although nothing can replace your companion, a thoughtful memorial can help the healing process begin, and become a reminder of the wonderful life your pet lead. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Pets to Rest.


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    Thanks for posting about pet urns and memorials for our lost dogs and cats.

    When we lost our MinPin Ginger it was a traumatic experience, even though we expected it.

    Spending a little time finding a tasteful memorial and urn for ashes helped us to grieve and provides us with a daily remembrance of her life and all the good times we had together.


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    It’s really great that there are cremation services for pets. I’ve owned cats growing up that I had to either bury or take to the animal shelter to have them put down. I’m not sure what they did with the body after they put them down, but it would have been nice to have had them cremated so that I can keep an urn that has their name engraved. That way, I can have something to keep in order to remember the life that I shared with my cats.

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