Companion Urns – Finding an Urn for Two

dignity companion bronze urns heart base a8f Companion Urns   Finding an Urn for TwoA Turkish Proverb states that “A good companion shortens the longest road.” When navigating the road of life, nothing is more comforting than to travel it alongside the one you love. It seems only fitting that life-long companions should not have to be separated after their physical lives come to an end. Companion urns are a wonderful way to preserve the memories of loved ones, while creating a place to be forever united. Companion urns are offered in different styles to suit the wishes of the departed and their survivors.

For Burial at Sea
Biodegradable pillow urns offer companions a vehicle to serenely drift and flow into peaceful waters together. Once launched, the pillow urn will completely dissolve in around three minutes, leaving your loved ones’ remains to commingle into the water. These designs are both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. The pillows are made to incorporate natural materials, such as flower petals and leaves into the biodegradable material. Materials such as marigold petals, rose petals, lilac, and fern grace the patterns of the exterior and offer a “green” way to send your loved ones back to nature. In addition to their looks and functionality, floating pillow burial urns are travel-friendly and TSA approved for those who need to transport the ashes to another location.

For Home Display
If you choose to keep the ashes of your loved ones at home, companion urns meant for display are available in different designs. Classic dual containers come in shapes such as traditional vase styles and teardrop designs. Interest-inspired styles are offered, commemorating a shared passion such as motor cycle riding, sports or nature.  Artists like Kitty Cantrell have created gorgeous nature-inspired statues that double in function as urns. Her work features nature scenes and majestic renditions of wolves, whales, horses, and birds of prey. The top portion features one of her designs while the solid base allows an area for the storage of cremains.

For Scatter Ceremony
Some couples or longtime companions wish to have their ashes scattered at a place that was significant to them during their time together. It might be the place they first met or the place where they had their honeymoon. Wherever the location may be, it is so special to be able to honor their wishes and return them to a place that they held dear in their hearts. For this special occasion, scattering urns created just for the purpose of companion scattering are made. These containers are not only beautiful, but are also moderately priced.

Losing a partner, sibling, or friend can be a heavy burden for anyone to bear and this may be a good reason as to why choose cremation. Companion urns offer a deep eternal connection, uniting two people forever. Find peace in the thought that two souls will be forever united, whether physically or symbolically.

In The Light Urns specializes in top-of-the-line urns and relic keepsakes that are both beautiful and distinctive. Unlike traditional vase-style urns, the urns at In The Light Urns convey character and style. The overall goal at In The Light Urns is to provide individuals with cost-effective yet individual urns that celebrate life, rather than commemorate death.

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01397sm Companion Urns   Finding an Urn for Two

Some of the most distinctive products that In The Light Urns has to offer are its companion urns. Urns that are designed to house the cremains of two individuals, companion urns are truly extraordinary. They allow individuals to keep the remains of their loved ones close to their hearts until they too pass, at which point these urns then house the pair together for eternity.

An example of some of the companion urns featured by In The Light Urns is the Classic Companion urn set. Available in either bronze or pewter, this set features a pair of urns positioned side-by-side on an elegant hand-engraved, heart-shaped base. Measuring 10 ½ by 6 ½ inches, the Classic Companion urn set is both beautiful and poignant.

Another product is the Serene Angel Companion Urnswhich are a beautiful cream ivory, with a light sprinkling of fairy dust glitter. Our angel is praying in a beautiful flowing gown and out stretched wings. This angel urn is created from high quality cold cast polymers, which show each detail. CLICK HERE

The death of a husband, wife, or significant other is one of the toughest losses an individual can bear. While the people at In The Light Urns don’t think their companion urns can make the hurt go away, they do believe that the purchase of one might ease the healing process.


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    I already have a side-by-side urn but I need one that is 12 x 12 x 12 no bigger than that to be above ground at the veterans Cemetery I need to see what you have

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