Memorializing a Cowboy or Cowgirl

The spirit of the cowboy has always been associated with a sense of freedom and dedication. Those who spent their years in the saddle have a common bond to nature that few others share. When you lose a cowboy that’s close to your heart, it seems fitting that his love for the lifestyle be honored. Cowboy urns, artistic statuette urns and other western-themed urns show the world a little a glimpse into the life that your cowboy once lived.

horse urns 300x300 Memorializing a Cowboy or Cowgirl
Horse Urn
The cowboy’s most faithful companion is his horse. The strong bond between man and his steed goes back many years throughout civilization. A faithful companion, the horse is not just a friend, but also a tireless comrade dedicated to best serving the cowboy, while retaining its signature unbridled spirit.

Keepsake Urn Necklace
When you think of a cowboy, some of the first things that you imagine are work-worn cowboy hats and rugged boots. These irreplaceable staples in the wrangler and rider’s wardrobe are synonymous with the cowboy way of life. Discrete and classically designed keepsake urn necklaces in the shape of cowboy hats and western boots are available in gold vermeil andcowboy memorial urns1 Memorializing a Cowboy or Cowgirl sterling silver.  Also available are horseshoe and horse-shaped keepsake urn necklaces. These pendants can be worn proudly and held close to the heart of the special someone or child who was left behind.

Saddle Urn
It seems completely that a life spent in the saddle should be memorialized with a saddle-adorned urn. Affixed to the top of a wooden urn foundation, the artfully painted resign statuette goes perfectly with western-themed décor. The center of the saddle holds a glass tea candle holder. The urn also comes with an engravable brass plate for personalization. The plate leaves room for a custom message and is comes decorated with an engraved illustration of a horse on it.

The cowboy’s way of life is a time honored tradition that should be respected even after his passing. May the trails be long and stable, and may the campfires be surrounded by good friends from days gone by.


  1. By Luann Headley on

    I am trying hard to find an urn with the praying cowgirl on it and am having a hard time. Would you know where I might look to find one?

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